New Product – Armor All Lemon Cockpit Shine at

New to comes Armor All Lemon Fresh Cockpit Shine 500ml

Armor All Lemon Fresh Cockpit Shine

Armor All Cockpit Shine Lemon Fresh 500ml Instantly cleans, shines and restores colour to interior plastics, vinyl and rubber trim.

* Cleans and restores colour for showroom shine.
* Anti-Static formulation prevents dust and grime build-up.
* Leaves fresh lemon scent.
* Safe for all colour plastics, vinyl and rubber.

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The Driving Test Celebrates Its 80th Birthday Today!

As the UK driving test celebrates its 80th birthday today, motoring groups call for major reforms to help save lives.

The groups believe that the new government, following the upcoming May 7 general election should seize upon this landmark anniversary, by making big changes to the L-test and licensing laws to help cut the ‘carnage’ of young driver deaths that occur in the UK each year, along with the huge number of serious injuries following accidents on UK roads.

Until new drivers gain sufficient driving experience, it is being suggested that night time curfews, as well as a restriction on the amount of young passengers they may carry at one time be enforced on all new drivers. These changes have been suggested by The RAC Foundation, and the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM).

The RAC have suggested that ministers ‘turn a blind eye to the carnage’ at the amount of young divers that are being killed soon after passing their tests.

The first ever practical driving test was undertaken in 1935, a year after the Road Traffic Act was first passed, paving the way.

Some of the biggest changes came back in 1996 and 2002, with the introduction of the Theory Test and Hazard Perception Test respectively. However it has been suggested that more needs to be done to cut the ‘unacceptable’ death toll of young/new driver.

Ministers last year slammed the brakes on reforming the L-plate test, claiming that a night-time curfew, or raising the testing age to 18, could prevent young employees driving to and from shift work.

Staggering statistics show that one in eight (11.9%) of all road casualties hurt or killed in road collisions involve drivers between the ages of 17-19, despite the fact that this age group makes up just 1.5% of all licensed drivers.

Top 10 Most Stolen Cars Of 2014

Research has shown that the most stolen car in the UK is the BMW X5. in a top 10 dominated by 4×4’s the X5 is top of the pile for the SIXTH year in a row.

The average value of cars stolen and recovered in 2014 was a staggering £25,600, up 9% from 2013. Below is a list of the top 10 most stolen from 2014.

  1. BMW X5
  2. BMW M3
  3. Mercedes C Class
  4. Audi S4
  5. BMW M5
  6. BMW 3 Series
  7. Range Rover Sport
  8. Range Rover Vogue
  9. Audi S3
  10. Mercedes E Class

In 2014, Tracker recovered more than £11 Million worth of stolen vehicles, and returned them to their rightful owners.

Elf HTX 825 10W-60 Racing Engine Oil 5 Litres

Elf HTX 825 10W-60 racing oil is specially developed for high-torque 4-stroke engines running at very high temperatures.

ELF HTX 825 offers optimum engine protection with exceptional reliability in runs and maintains engine performance under prolonged heavy load.

ELF HTX 825 is used for the following applications:

  • 4-stroke naturally-aspirated or turbocharged petrol engines with high torque
  • Fractionated turbo diesel engines for endurance runs

ELF HTX 825 is perfectly suited for competitions of medium or long duration:

  • Rally
  • Endurance
  • Raid

HTX 825 is already choosen by PEUGEOT SPORT in the development of the 908 Le Mans Serie.

Density at 15°C is 0.857 g/ml
Viscosity at 40°C 160 mm²/s
Viscosity at 100°C 24.5 mm²/s
Viscosity HTHS is 5.5 mPa.s
Flash point is 242 °C

Elf HTX 825 10w-60

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Armor All Shield Car Wash, Polishing Wax & Wheels, The Ultimate Car Care Bundle?

Armor All are a leading brand in car care products, with products suitable for all aspects of vehicle valeting. From car wash, to polishing wax, from glass cleaner to a wheel protector formula.

Today we take a look at three of these amazing care care products.

1) Armor All Shield Car Wash
Just as consumers would not use dishwashing liquid as a hair shampoo, the right products should be used for the right applications when washing your car. Household cleaners such as dishwashing liquid contain harsh chemicals that may strip automotive paintwork and cause swirl marks. All Armor All products have been specially designed for automotive uses including our complete range of washes.

Features & Benefits:
• Thoroughly cleans and shines all paintworks
• Doesn’t leave a soapy residue on your car
• To prepare paintwork to be treated with Shield, Armor All® Shield Car Wash leaves a perfect finish to apply Armor All® Shield’s patent-pending non-stick protective barrier
• For paintwork already treated with Shield, it is ideal to maximise the shine and protection Armor All®  Shield

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 Armor All Shield Wax is even better than wax. Its protective shield prevents dirt and grime from sticking to your car. Once applied, each wash reactivates the protective shield to maintain shine and protection for up to 10 washes.
Out Protects, Out Performs and  Out Shines. Can be used on your Car, Bike, Motorcycle, Caravan, Motor home and carbon bicycle frames. Armor All Shield Wax is claimed to repel dirt and grime from your paintwork at the same time as enabling the easy removal of bugs, tree sap, bird droppings and water spots. It is designed to reduce drying time by allowing the paint work to rinse to a shiny, near dry surface.

Product Features.
Free Sponge Applicator and Microfibre Cloth included
Brilliant Shine
Long lasting protection.
No drying time or hazing, easy on, easy off.
Can be applied in direct sunlight or cold temperatures.
Safe for all automotive finishes.
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 Armor All SHIELD for Wheels repels brake dust, road grime, and dirt by forming a protective barrier on wheel and rims. Easy to build up and difficult to wash off, brake dust has been the bane of beautiful, shiny wheels since the invention of disc brakes.Simply spray Armor All Wheel Protectant on clean, dry wheels to repel brake dust, road grime, and dirt.The invisible barrier lasts up to four weeks, keeping your wheels clean from wash to wash.
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The Convenient 1.5 Litre Redex Adblue, For Diesel Engines!

Redex Adblue For Diesel Engines

Little known in the UK at the moment, Redex have produced a convenient 1.5L bottle that can be easily stored in the boot of your vehicle, making it easier to top up and never run out.



Reduces Emissions By Up To 80%.

Don’t Run Out, Keep In Your Boot To Top Up.

Secure Storage Bottle Prevents Spills And Odours.

For use with diesel vehicles with a separate AdBlue/Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) tank
DO NOT add to diesel tank

Store Redex AdBlue securely in the boot of your vehicle, avoiding direct sunlight, store between -5°C and +25°C

Remove cap from the AdBlue/DEF tank on your vehicle
Unscrew the blue cap from the top of the Redex AdBlue bottle.
Completely remove and discard the red locking ring from under the blue on/off button.
Screw the neck of the Redex Adblue bottle onto the vehicle AdBlue/DEF tank ensuring a tight fit.
Press the blue on/off button to start filling the tank with AdBlue.
To stop the flow, press the blue on/off button and unscrew the neck of the bottle from the tank.
Replace the tank cap.

Redex Adblue is currently £6.30 Including VAT. Click here